Applied Science Deaprtment

I feel pleasure in introducing you to the Department of Applied Sciences and Humanties which plays a vital role in an engineering institute. The department  includes   Departments of Applied  Physics, Applied Chemistry, Applied  Mathematics, and  Humanities.

With the pace of innovation and technological advancement accelerating very fast, engineers hold the key to the next generation’s technical wonders. A transformative experience in the class room and  laboratory will   have a great impact on engineering students. A hand on experience in conducting research and developing new products with the help of experienced faculty   gives stimulus to  the students.

The students with strong scientific base and armed with technical knowledge, imagination, communication skills and understanding of the social and  human context of their work  will make their future very bright.

There is difference between engineers being qualified for routine design, engineering sales, other applied specialties and getting strong technical qualifications.


There is tremendous scope for engineers with strong science background in our country  specially in space , defence, device manufacturing, automobiles etc. Running metro without driver in India is not a dream but reality now. This requires knowledge of  all the streams of engineering and basic science  of sensors and actuators..  Our country is emerging very strong in its technological base and we have to  shape our engineers through constant learning, providing latest inputs to them to cope up with rest of the word in all  engineering streams.

The Department of Applied Science strives  for increasing the knowledge, enhancing the critical thinking and strengthening the problem solving capability of the students.  Our laboratories are very spacious and  well equipped. This motivate the students to learn  their experiments with great interest and inculcate  habit to  learn about some experiments beyond their syllabus. We have highly qualified and experienced faculty which has been  having R&D as well as teaching experience.   Some of our faculty members have both  R&D and teaching experience in India and abroad. We guide the student and enrich them with  feeling of  opportunities in their area of engineering in India and abroad. The science is an essential part of engineering as we know that the science of today is the technology of tomorrow. I wish all my students  to do very best in every sphere of life and serve the humanity with their skill and knowledge.