Applied Physics Laboratory

Laboratories are the basis for understanding the key concepts of any subject. In Physics, they not only increase the scientific aptitude but also gives opportunity to have hands on experience to the students. Our Physics laboratory is very spacious and well equipped. We have a learned and qualified faculty of 11 members to imbibe the scientific aptitude amongst the students. We have all   experiments prescribed by GGSIP University. In addition, we have added 2-3 experiments beyond curriculum in each semester.

In the first semester, most of the experiments are based on the optics which demonstrate various phenomenon like interferences, diffraction, polarisation, laser, fibre optics etc. in second semester, experiments are based on the properties of semiconducting materials and devices such as Zener diode, determination of band gap of semi-conductors. Experiment also includes calculations of specific resistance of different materials. Superposition of two plane polarised waves, determination of temperature coefficient of resistance of platinum.

This prepares and motivate the students to have a deep knowledge of various phenomena of optics, laser, semi-conductors and solid state devices. The experimentation also develop the logical and critical thinking of students and help them in making a good engineer having clear objective and utilisation of their skills in the area of their core branches. 




Chemistry is the science of matter and molecules and the changes they undergo during the chemical reactions.

Everything we can see is made up of chemical elements and the molecules they form. Chemistry explains the world around us. Studying chemistry gives us the opportunity to better understand the world that we live in.

Knowledge of how materials and products work together is required in the engineering field.

Application of chemistry is wide ranging like toiletries, drugs, plastics, fuels, dyes and metals. Chemist help us to keep our water clean, ensure our food is safe to eat, protect the environment, make medicines and are instrumental in the development of new materials.

Use of chemistry in the field of Engineering can be broadly divided into two main areas. The first area is concerned with the application of chemistry as the basis of power generating machinery such as combustion engines.

The second area of use is in transforming raw materials into more valuable or useful forms like the development of microchips (silicon), require the knowledge of chemistry.

Modern Engineers are now using their knowledge of chemistry to develop (or design) , implement and produce their ideas for a range of products, suitable for medical, aviation, space, military and even for finding the solutions to the environmental issues.

Dow (a scientist) gave the slogan “A better life through Chemicals”. The motive was how chemistry can be used to provide a better quality of life.

As a conclusion it can be said without chemistry there is No reaction therefore no Life”.


Language Lab


To develop communication competence in prospective engineers we have Language Labs (Room No. 902 and 912) equipped with 72 computer systems .With the help of Language Lab Software English Edge we help our engineers to develop communication skills in formal as well as informal situation. Various activities in the lab help students to develop confidence in facing interviews, participating in group discussions which have become integral part of placement procedures of most business organizations today.