Name                                     Dr. Monika Aggarwal

 Designation                            Assistant Prof. 

Date of Joining                       02.01.2009

Office Address                   : 901,C-5

                                      Department of Applied Physics

Maharaja, Agrasen Institute of Technology,

Sector-22, Rohini

Email                                     : monikaa80This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


M.Sc. Physics


Area of Interest


Total Experience                      : 8                   


Research Papers Publications

Journal International            : 4

Conference International     : 7

Journal National                   : Nil

Conference National           : 2

Research Papers Publications (Details)

  • Variable-range hopping in Fe70pt30 catalyzed multi-walled carbon nanotubes film.

Monika Aggarwal, Samina Khan, M. Husain. TuChe Ming, Tsai Meng Yen, T.P. Perng and Zishan H. Khan,European Physical Journal B,60 (3), 319 (2007).

  • Electrical conduction mechanism in Fe70 pt30 catalyzed muti-walled carbon nanotubes.

Monika Aggarwal, M. Husain, Samina Khan and Zishan H. Khan,

Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 9 (6), 1047-55 (2006),

  • Characterization of carbon nanotubes grown on Fe70 Pt30 films.

Zishan H. Khan, S.S Islam, S.C. Kung, T.P. Perng, Samina Khan, K.N. Tripathi, Monika Aggarwal, M.Zulfequar and M. HusainPhysica B 373 (2), 317-322 (2006)

  • Field emission properties of Fe70Pt30 catalyzed multiwalled carbon nanotubes,

Samina Khan, K.N. Tripathi, Monika Aggarwal, KarunapatiTripathi, M. Husain and Zishan Husain Khan,Journal of Experimental Nano science 2(3),215 -228 (2007).