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Dr.Shikha Saxena


            Assiociate Prof. 

Office: 901A-03

Department of Applied Science

Maharaja, Agrasen Institute of Technology, Sector-22, Rohini

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PhD. Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar University Agra(formerly Agra University)

Area of Interest

Indo Anglian Literature


Research Papers Publications

Journal International            :  07

Conference International     :  09

Journal National                   :  01

Conference National           :   04


Research Papers Publications (Details)


Research Paper: (National Journal)


1.     “Ruth Prawer Jhabvala’s Technique As A Novelist” (Journal Of English Literature Vol.2 no.3 Jan-March ,2011.)

Research Paper (International Journals )

2.     “East-West Encounter in Ruth Jhabvala’s Esmond In India”New Academia :an         International Journal of English Language, Literature and Literary Theory Vol.1,Issue 2,April 2012.

3.    “Depiction of New Era in Post-Independent India in ”A New Dominion” Asian Literary Supplement July-August 2012.

4.      “Poetry of Kamla Das –A True Voice Of Bourgeoisie Women In India”The Enchanting Verses Literary Review-Issue      xix Nov-2013 , page 30-33.


5.     ”Voice of the Voiceless-Omprakash Valmiki’s Jhoothan”in Jan 2014 issue of Labyrinth the International journal of Post-modern studies.

  1. “The Impact of Various Social Changes on English Language and Literature Reflected in the fiction of Post-Independent India ,Lingaya’sInternational Refreed Journal of English Language and literature(ISSN2348-1617) Feb.2014.


7    “Literary Creations by Indian  Diaspora –A Platform for ‘Incredible India’ in Global Perspective. Paper Published In Anthology “Diaspora Women and the Marginalised –Literary Perspective By Pacific Books International (pp.1-8)ISBN-978-93-86655-51-6(2018)


8.     “The Pre-Independent India in Manto’s stories and Post-Independent India in Mirza Waheed’s The Collaborator-The Political Saga continued. Paper Published In Anthology “Comparative Literature:a Globa PerspectiveBy Pacific Books International (pp238-244)ISBN-978-93-86655-50-8(2018)

 Paper Presented in International Conference

9.       Presented a paper on the topic “Reflective teaching practices in ESL classroom” in First International Conference by elt@i-d and RELO at American Center 7-9 October2011

10.       Presented a paper  in International Conference TISCELL2014 at Lingaya University Faridabad,on7-8 Feb.2014.Awarded Best Paper in the conference.

11.        Paper entitledCreating Awareness for Sustainable Future Through Selected Poems In The Class Of ‘Business -Communication’” presented in  2nd International Conference on 24-25 May 2014 “Role of ELT in Education for Sustainable Development at Amity University Lucknow.

12.        Paper entitled “Mirza Wahid’s The Collaborator –A Saga for Humanitarian Values In The Grim darkness of Kashmir Valley”in International Conference ELLATH-on23-24 February, 2015 at Lingaya University,Faridabad,(ELLATH-2015-ISBN-978-81-924212-7-8,pp37-39,

13.       Paper entitled “ICT in Language Lab –An Effective Tool to Enhance Communication Skills of Techanical  Professionals from Hindi-Medium Background,at ELT@I 10th International Conference at RKGIT(W)Ghaziabad 9-11,July,2015.

14.        Paper entitled “Quest for Identity and Search for Home in The Novels of Manju Kapur and Jhumpa Lahiri” at International Conference on Multiculturalism and Globalism organized by Indian Society for Commonwealth Studies in collaboration with O.P.Jindal Global University,Sonipat.25-27 January 2016.

15.          Paper entitled “Displacement Nostalgia and Re-Hablitation in Manju Kapur’s The Immigrant” presented in  International conference MSCWELL-26-27Feb. 2016,at Lingaya University,Faridabad.

16          Paper entitledUsing Language As A Contributor To Inclusivity Among The Students Of    Technical Courses” in 3rd International ELT Conference “No One Left Behind :The Role of ELT in Promoting Inclusive Growth at  Amity Lucknow 2016

17 .     Paper entitled “Save our Planet Through Eco-Criticism in Our Class Romm Teaching” in the International Conference (ELLCIATLS-2017) at K.R.Manglam University,Gurgaon.

Paper Presented in National Conference

18.       Presented a paper on the topic “Diasporic Writings in English” in national conference on “Voices of the voiceless: Subaltern Writings in English” on16&17th Feb.2013 at Brahamavart Post-Graduate College Kanpur(U.P.).

19.    Paper entitled “Glimpses of Folk  Milieu in the Short Stories of Usha Bande” in the national conference on “Language,Literature and Culture “ (LLC),30May,2015,at Manav Rahnca International University Faridabad.

20.     Paper entitled  “Feminism In Shakespeare’s Plays” presented in Shakespeare Festival 2K-16 on 15Nov-2016 at RKGIT Ghaziabad  organized by ELT@I NOIDA Chapter.


21.      Paper entitled “Dalit Testimonies and Fiction “presented in the national conference on “Mapping the influence of Language ,Literature and Culture on Society: A Universal Perspective” at Lingaya  University Faridabad on November 21,2016.